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New Structure – Shorter Training Times – Lower Prices

16 Oct. 10.2018
MTM Training Opportunities Online in 2019!

The new MTM training structure comes into force on 1 January 2019 and is based on a blended learning concept – i.e. a combination of e-learning facilities and courses that people need to attend. The major innovation is the introduction of the MTM-1 Base training course, which is the global standard access tool for participating in training in an MTM process building block (MTM-1, MTM-UAS, MTM-MEK, MTM-2, MTM-SD, MTM-HWD®). Candidates can complete MTM-1 Base by attending a course (5 days) or – what is new – by using an e-learning course.  The e-learning course also involves working on the individual learning modules for about 5 days. MTM-1 Base concludes with an intermediate examination; participants obtain a certificate. Completing MTM-1 Base is the only way to gain access to further training courses, but not to use MTM-1 in practice. The examination is taken on the final day of any course that people attend. The examination follows immediately after each chapter on the e-learning course.

One of the most important demands from member corporations and customers has been shorter course times for training purposes so that employees spend less time away from their workplace. The wish was also expressed that training should be geared towards the requirements and opportunities presented by modern learning methods that do not depend on particular times and places. Both are possible by introducing MTM-1 Base and blended learning. In the past, courses lasting 15 days had to be attended to complete MTM-UAS training; that figure has now been reduced to just 5 days (MTM-1 Base as an e-learning course plus MTM-UAS) or 10 days (MTM-1 Base as an attended course plus MTM-UAS). 20 days on an attended course used to be necessary to complete MTM Practitioner training. Now that figure is no more than 15 days on a course or just 10 days plus MTM-1 Base in e-learning form.

Other new features when training to become an MTM-Practitioner
It will be possible in future to gain MTM Practitioner qualifications in a single MTM process building block, i.e. precisely in the process building block system that is the right one for the employee or is necessary from a corporate point of view. There will therefore be an “MTM-UAS-Practitioner” or an “MTM-1-Practitioner”.This change too is standard at international level.

Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. has adapted its prices to this new structure. The prices for training blocks – qualifications or certificates – have remained the same or are even lower than the previous prices. Only a few individual modules have become more expensive. MTM-1 Base as an e-learning course not only reduces the training time, but also the price! E-learning also means lower travel expenses – i. e. expenditure for the corporation declines!

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