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Opinions of the 2017 MTM Users’ Conference

Christoph Pressmann, Eberspächer Exhaust Technology GmbH & Co. KG:
“We’re currently looking for new opportunities or standards to optimize processes in our production. The lectures at the Users’ Conference suited our needs perfectly. As I originally come from the CAD field, I find the subject of 3D visualization in product planning in combination with MTM – including a view of ergonomic issues – particularly exciting.”

Gabriele Mandl, BMW Motoren GmbH, Steyr/Austria:
“I became aware of the MTM Users’ Conference through the newsletter. What interests us here is how other corporations are handling the challenges of Industry 4.0. I’m hoping to gain some ideas for my own work. The issue of ergonomic assessment in conjunction with motion capturing or virtual reality technologies really caught my imagination.”

Christian Hedelt, Memminger IRO-GmbH:
“I’ve been working for Memminger-IRO GmbH in Dornstetten for more than six years and have been using MTM-UAS etc. in process planning for about five years. This is the first time that I’ve attended an MTM Users’ Conference. I’m primarily interested in the way that the corporations giving lectures are thinking about and implementing the subject of Industry 4.0 and virtual reality here – naturally with or primarily in conjunction with MTM. The need for Industry 4.0 and VR must be largely determined by the size of the corporation, as the expenditure involved for smaller enterprises will often not be commensurate with the benefits. One participant asked the question about which tasks industrial engineers would have to complete in the future, if some of the really complicated work analyses can be handled by computer programs or VR. I find this topic very interesting and it’s stimulating me to think about possible consequences – including negative ones – which digitalization might trigger in a few years’ time.”

Emmanuel Calvez, Turkish MTM Association:
“I’ve been taking part in this year’s Users’ Conference in order to find out all about the new elements associated with MTM. I’ve also been using the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues and get to know customers personally. The German/English simultaneous translation was of a very high quality so that I was able to follow all the lectures fully. I found the issue of VR technology particularly interesting and it gave us some idea of what the future might look like.”

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