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Rosenberger Group: “Cost-Effectiveness Ratio Must Be Just Right”

19 Nov. 2018
Corporation Tests EAWS Ergonomics Assessment Tool

The Rosenberger Group – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of connection solutions using high-frequency and fiber optics technology with sales and production sites around the globe – has been successfully using MTM for its production planning since 2014. In the light of the process of demographic change and the shortage of specialist workers, the subject of ergonomics is playing an increasingly important role, in addition to the main issue of productivity. As a member corporation, the Rosenberger Group knows all about the expertise provided by MTM in matters related to ergonomic work system design and it has been testing the internationally recognized EAWS assessment tool (Ergonomic Assessment Worksheet) as part of a pilot projects with Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH.

“We wanted to check whether the industrial standard in matters of ergonomic assessment is relevant to the Rosenberger corporation,” says Luca Frank from the central industrial engineering department at the development site in Fridolfing, explaining the motivation behind the development. “The results of the pilot project have convinced all those involved that we need to continue pursuing this course and extensively examine work procedures to determine any ergonomic risks. But first we need to get the specialist departments on board,” Frank continues. “The market situation and staffing levels make it essential to deal with the issue of ergonomics, but the cost-effectiveness ratio when using new methods and tools must be just right too.”

Work design affects productivity

In addition to analyzing assembly activities with the EAWS assessment tool, the agenda also included measuring the forces required with the power glove and using the motion capturing procedure to determine movement data with the full-body suit. A tour of the shop floor demonstrated that design measures can have a direct influence on productivity and maintaining employees’ efficiency. The soldering workplaces will be examined to determine any ergonomic risks, for example. “We’ve also suspected that employees face higher forces when working with knuckle joint presses and the insertion force has now been measured using the power glove,” Frank explains.

Figures, data, facts replace gut feelings

As the MTM application demonstrated, “some of the workplaces are fine from an ergonomic point of view, but we need to consider how we can continue to make things much easier for our employees at other workplaces – particularly when using the large presses during an eight-hour shift. An in-house design to provide relief for the employees has also been analyzed and proved to be a viable tool. In any case,” Frank continues, “it’s been possible to replace the employees’ gut feelings with objective figures, data and facts – and that’s a huge benefit of the MTM application.”

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