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Transparency creates acceptance: MTM management workshops at Schaeffler in India

The Schaeffler Group is an automobile and industrial supplier with global business operations. The Schaeffler Group is already making a significant contribution to “future mobility” with its precision components and systems for engines, gearboxes and chassis as well as roller and slide bearing solutions for a variety of industrial applications. Top quality, outstanding technology and a powerful focus on innovations form the basis for the ongoing success of the Schaeffler Group. The technology corporation generated sales of approx. EUR 13.3 billion in 2016. With about 86,600 employees, Schaeffler is one of the world’s largest family businesses and has a global network consisting of production sites, research and development centres and sales companies at about 170 business locations in more than 50 different countries. As a global development partner and supplier, Schaeffler maintains stable and long-term relationships with its customers and suppliers.

In order to create a common understanding about the use of MTM and the acceptance of the results within the Schaeffler Group, the Corporate Industrial Engineering department (CIE) suggested holding an MTM management workshop at the Schaeffler business sites in India. Overall, almost 60 managers took part in the events. MTM Executive Director Knuth Jasker led the workshops.

The benefits of the workshops were obvious to Schaeffler’s CIE department. On the one hand, a large number of solution concepts can be expected from a group of highly motivated MTM specialists; on the other hand, there is also some potential for making improvements. The most important goal, however, was to establish the acceptance of the MTM method at management level, according to the CIE department. The all-round work system design with MTM is playing an increasingly significant role in India too, according to the IE managers.  As an increasing number of MTM projects can be expected in the individual Schaeffler factories in the future, it is all the more worthwhile to persuade medium and top managers about MTM and create a common understanding of efficient work design.

The focal point of the workshops involved real work sequences and processes. For example, the managers were able to directly relate to the MTM method taking a practical example and recognize specific design or improvement potential in the departments and areas studied “before MTM” and “after MTM.” As a result, the workshops made one thing clear: transparency creates acceptance!

Both the Corporate Industrial Engineering department and the IE managers in the Indian region arrived at a thoroughly positive conclusion. Improving the acceptance of MTM helps to be able to implement optimization concepts more quickly – and this also has a positive effect on the development of productivity. In the view of MTM Executive Director Knuth Jasker, the fact that the workshops went so well achieves yet another goal: the ongoing spread of MTM, which is part of the tasks of the German MTM Association enshrined in its articles of incorporation. Knuth Jasker commented, “Member corporations like Schaeffler with their international business operations benefit from the MTM standards, i.e. globally uniform process building blocks, standard teaching documents in several languages and innovative software solutions.”

The number of MTM specialists at Schaeffler in India is continuing to grow. An MTM Practitioner course has been planned for the country this year. 

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