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Seminar "Digital work instructions" now bookable as in-house workshop

Corporations can only meet the growing requirements for product quality and process stability with well-qualified employees, a short familiarization period and training that is geared towards the special assembly tasks. Digital work instructions like interactive instruction films (utility films) are a tried and tested means to this end. These systematic work instructions not only support the employees in their industrial assembly work, but often make a large number of options and rapid responses to customer requirements possible at all. The MTM Academy is now offering one-day in-house workshops on digital work instructions.

The course focuses on the following topics:

  • Work instructions: principles and challenges
  • Work instructions in shop floor management
  • Utility films as a methodical teaching innovation
  • Data management with MTM software solutions

and provides demonstrations and practical exercises. The number of participants is restricted to no more than twelve persons.

Interested corporations should please contact:

Dr. Thomas Mühlbradt, Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V.,
phone: +49 241 47705-64, email: Thomas.Muehlbradt [AT] dmtm [PUNKT] com">.

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