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Siemens, Miele, Brose and Others Test MTM-ProKonE

Reducing Ergonomic Risks and Preventing Costs

Is it possible to influence the ergonomic risks in a production process as early as the design phase? Is it possible to prevent costs during the product development stage? The partners involved in the MTM-ProKonE development project – Miele & Cie. KG Gütersloh (white goods), Brose (automotive) and Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V. – have clearly given a positive response to these questions. Following successful practical tests, the new MTM method, which combines the MTM-based process for production-oriented design (ProKon) with the ergonomic assessment based on EAWS (Ergonomic Assessment Worksheet), has attracted great interest from other corporations too. After all, MTM-ProKonE (production-oriented design ergonomics) enables users to evaluate both ease of assembly for a product and the ergonomic risk inherent in the assembly process as early as the development or design phase and therefore prevent costs associated with introducing improvements at a later stage.

Industrial engineers or designers from Siemens, ABUS Kransysteme, Dehn+Söhne, SMA Technology, Marquardt, Deutsche Bahn, Dräxlmaier, Brose and Miele all attended the pilot training sessions at the end of last year. All the corporations will make use of MTM-ProKonE in their product development or design work during the next few months. Dr. Steffen Rast, Division Expert Ergonomics at Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH, is convinced that the ongoing practical tests will only confirm the benefits of combining design and ergonomics too.

MTM-ProKonE is based on the well-established MTM-based process known as ProKon (production-oriented design). ProKon is used by production planners and designers during the development process for a product to assess design solutions and see whether they are suitable for assembly during later production phases. The project partners have continued developing this method together to establish MTM-ProKonE.

MTM-ProKonE for new generations of devices
Miele consistently makes use of ProKon during the product emergence process (PEP). "We repeatedly face situations in our production work where we have high joining forces and then incur additional costs later by using extra resources or making changes to the design", says Ralf Graute, Industrial Engineering Department, at the factory in Gütersloh. “That’s why we need to rule out ergonomic risks during the product emergence phase.” MTM-ProKonE will be used as the new method for the next generations of machines in order to continue gaining experience.

The benefits of MTM-ProKonE at a glance:

  • Takes into consideration the ergonomic circumstances as early as the design engineering phase on the basis of EAWS (Ergonomic Assessment Worksheet)
  • Determines guide times for future assembly/production work on the basis of the statistically reliable ProKon units
  • Provides orientation regarding the decision about the “ideal design” by using key data: ergonomically reliable on the basis of combining EAWS and ProKon
  • Intensifies interdisciplinary cooperation – primarily between the design and planning departments

Contact details:

Corporations wishing to use MTM-ProKonE should please contact: Dr. Steffen Rast, Division Expert Ergonomics, Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH; his e-mail address is:

You can inquire about the next training dates for MTM-ProKonE from the MTM-Academy; the e-mail address is: