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“Smart Logistics” consortium benchmarking: Interested industrial partners wanted

The FIR research institute at RWTH University Aachen – and the German MTM Association is working with it in the Smart Logistics cluster on the RWTH campus – is launching “smart logistics” consortium benchmarking during the second quarter of this year. “Safeguarding intelligent logistics for your own production and for the general value-added chain is becoming increasingly important. As a result of the rising complexity of production and material supply processes, logistics efficiency is becoming a crucial distinguishing feature,” says Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Stich, Managing Director of the FIR. Best in-class examples of efficient and forward-looking logistics solutions are therefore the major focus of the consortium project. 

The corporations taking part have the opportunity of entering an open dialog, sharing findings and experiences and transferring successful approaches used in practice to their own areas of responsibility. Possible main topics in the consortium benchmarking project are:

  • Digitally networked supply chains
  • Integrating innovative technologies along the value-added chain
  • Business models along the supply chain
  • Innovative cooperation concepts and customer integration
  • Data transfer, interfaces and platforms along the supply chain.

In the end, the consortium partners will themselves determine the topics and issues for benchmarking in line with their specific corporate challenges. 

The first industrial partners have already become involved; other interested corporations from manufacturing industry can still join the program. Your contact partner is:

Dominik Frey
Project Manager, Production Planning Specialist Group
Phone: +49 241 47705-439
Mobile: +49 177 5790278

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