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Taylor & Francis Online publishes work on the subject of value stream management

An academic paper on the subject of value stream mapping with the original title “Developments of traditional value stream mapping to enhance personal and organisational system and methods competencies” has now appeared on the online platform of the renowned British publishing group Taylor & Francis, which operates around the globe. The authors not only include Alexander Sunk, Thomas Edtmayr and Wilfried Sihn, but also the Head of the MTM Institute, Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhlang.

The paper presents the development of traditional value stream analysis (value stream management) as it moves towards a method for improving value streams, processes and work systems both from an economic and an ecological point of view. The major focus is on approaches to provide solutions or concepts of lean, VSM, process management and MTM. The goal is to enhance the view of academics and practitioners to include the value stream.

You can read the full article at Taylor & Francis Online here:

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