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TiCon für Teamcenter and
TiCon4 Planungscockpit

New Development Areas Presented at the TiCon Users’ Meeting

Two of the most important development areas at the MTM Software Center were the focus of attention at the TiCon user’s meeting in Dresden at the beginning of June: TiCon für Teamcenter and the TiCon4 Planungscockpit. Herwig Weidle, Head of Software Development, explained the key technical data related to TiCon für Teamcenter. Ralf Digal from BSH Hausgeräte GmbH provided information for the participants about the initial practical experience gained from using the add-on for the Siemens Teamcenter software – including the Teamcenter database, the Teamcenter server and the EasyPlan user front end. You can read more about the benefits that the new software solution provides for users in one of the next issues of MTMaktuell.

Michael Schneider from PAS Deutschland reported on another current development area at the MTM Software Center through the first practical experience with the TiCon4 Planungscockpit. He presented the process planning operations at PAS and the use of the software solution to those attending the event. The background to the new development is the current situation in product development and production planning. PLM/PDM systems are used in the product development and ERP systems are deployed in production planning. The TiCon4 Planungscockpit unit provides a new independent planning tool for project-based planning work that can handle different systems.

You can read more about the TiCon4 Planungscockpit in one of the next issues of MTMaktuell.

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