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TiCon Users' Meeting: Focus on the integration capacity of IT solutions and cooperations

The digitalization of production both in direct and indirect departments not only creates major challenges for the IT departments at corporations, but also the software manufacturers. The integration capacity of IT solutions and the cooperation arrangements between software developers are becoming increasingly important. The 17th TiCon Users’ Meeting on 22 June 2017 in Leipzig will focus on these issues. All customers with a current maintenance agreement are invited to attend.

Anybody, who might have missed the 2017 MTM Users’ Conference and the software center’s information seminar, now has an opportunity in Leipzig to once again discover more about View2Connect, the software tool developed by Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG for centrally managing product data with a 3D connection. The issue of cooperation plays a crucial role here too, for View2Connect is coupled to the MTM software TiCon and the SAP enterprise software used at Heidelberger – this is a major precondition for efficiently preparing and maintaining standard times.

Other topics at the TiCon Users’ Meeting will include the best practice ideas for using TiCon3, the TiCon4 4D cooperation product for planning, simulating and assessing assembly sequences based on graphical modeling as well as opportunities for designing value streams involving many different corporations. The experts from the MTM Software Center will also provide a glimpse of their current development work – and a view of IT solutions of the future.

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