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TiCon4 Planning Cockpit Presented at Sector Meetings

The Bosch Rexroth InfoDay in Stuttgart at the end of November focused on solutions for assembly techniques in the future. The MTM Software Center presented a number of innovative developments on the subject of networked production/networked data, including the TiCon4 Planning Cockpit; more than 30 people from various sectors attended the meeting. This software solution has been developed for corporations that plan their work on a project basis. This largely means supplier enterprises for OEMs and third-party logistics corporations. The planning work can take place either geared to the process or the product.

The MTM TiCon software solution and its TiCon Base, TiCon Takt and TiCon MSA modules form the basis for all the new developments.

TiCon Base is used to

  • generate transparent, objective and reproducible standard times,
  • change or optimize the deliberate introduction of process and product changes as well as
  • make available work instructions.

TiCon Takt covers the following:

  • assigning work operations to particular stations,
  • line balancing for production lines and
  • comparing line balancing options.

The TiCon MSA module (Multiple Station Work/Multiple Machine Operation) is used to

  • synchronize humans and machines,
  • ensure full capacity utilization for production systems and
  • recognize any bottlenecks.

These TiCon modules have been expanded by two program building blocks:

Process data management to

  • import design parts lists,
  • draw up production parts lists and
  • manage master and job data,

as well as reporting and visualization for

  • assessments in line with individual parameters,
  • assessments for optimization,
  • presenting diagrams,
  • the visual presentation of production parts lists and work operations and
  • outlining the investment costs.

TiCon4 Planning Cockpit – from the quotation phase to serial production

Franz Coriand, the Sales Manager at the MTM Software Center, referred to the status quo in product development and production planning in his lecture. PLM/PDM systems are used in product development and ERP systems in production planning. At the moment, it is not possible to directly exchange data between these two worlds. As the TiCon MTM software can serve both worlds through an integrated interface, it makes sense to consider a standardized solution on the basis of TiCon4.  

The TiCon4 Planning Cockpit as a software solution covering everything from the quotation phase to serial production is a sensible extension to the IT landscape at corporations for several reasons: it provides:

  • reliable quotations with dependable prices
  • data consistency and further data processing from the initial enquiry to serial production
  • rapid access to existing production data.

The MTM Software Center is facing up to the challenges of Industry 4.0. with other solutions too. TiCon4 4D, for example, is perfect for 3D production planning (layout planning, work design and ergonomic assessments). TiCon4 VR is currently being developed at the MTM Software Center to cover industrial planning and development processes. “VR” stands for virtual reality, one of the new technologies for designing processes and virtual prototypes. The goal is to have available all the relevant data for planning work as early as possible in order to develop the best processes and prevent any errors from the outset.

You will find more information on the MTM software products here.

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