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Wacker Neuson Group: MTM and
TiCon for SAP Become the Group’s Standard Tools

The Wacker Neuson Group is a corporate network with international operations handled by more than 50 subsidiaries and 140 of its own sales and service points. As a leading manufacturer of construction equipment and compact machines, the group offers its customers around the globe a wide range of products, extensive services and efficient supplies of spare parts. The group has been working with its cooperation partner, Deutsche MTM-Vereinigung e. V., in order to introduce the MTM (Methods-Time Measurement) time management standard for eighteen months and it is now implementing this as its standard tool for work design. Following two pilot studies, the practical test was successfully completed at the development and production site at Hörsching near Linz, Austria. The results – reliable data, transparency for all the assembly procedures, significant improvements in the line balancing and the associated evidence of the monetary usefulness of using MTM – have persuaded the management team to roll out MTM at the affiliated factories in Germany. The preparation work for introducing MTM at the factory in Serbia is already taking place too.

“When it comes to work design and time management, we’re using this to create a standard tool at group level,” says Andreas Mühlberger, Corporate Operations and Excellence, Wacker Neuson Group. “In the light of the increase in structures and different systems within the corporation, this offers real benefits. Then there’s the fact that using MTM also offers optimization potential, which goes beyond the pure time data. We can see through the analyses precisely at which points we can remove ergonomic stress situations, where we can reduce distances or even need to change griffin radii, for example” Mühlberger explains. “We’re currently in the process of introducing initial improvement measures here.”

The practical test in Linz was managed by internal corporate MTM specialists and supported by experts from Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH. Four employees have already obtained the relevant training in MTM and others will gain qualifications now too. “We want to have two experts for work preparation and at least one expert from the works council at each business location,” Mühlberger adds. These experts will draw up all the analyses with the specific corporate process building blocks based on MTM-UAS in the future.

Alongside the pilot project, the MTM software known as TiCon for SAP has been introduced to log, manage and further process MTM-based data directly in SAP. The work planners particularly appreciate the direct link between the analyses that have been generated and the work plans and work operations in SAP. The IT solution from the MTM Software Center is now the standard tool within the group.

If you require more information on using MTM as your standard tool for work design, please contact Ralf Jaehnke, Managing Director Industrial Engineering Deutsche MTM-Gesellschaft mbH; his e-mail address is:

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