MTM – Work design productive and safe – The 2017 German MTM Conference in Stuttgart on 26 October

“Revolution,” “transformation,” “change” – regardless of how the current process of change is being described: The digitalization of business, society and people’s everyday lives is in full swing. The German MTM Association as the leading industrial organization for designing productive and healthy work believes that its task involves supporting its member corporations in this process of change. That means making available the necessary standards for efficiency and ergonomics and continually providing information on the latest scientific knowledge, effective strategies and best practice examples. Corporations that have recognized the opportunities presented by digitalization have no time to lose. 

The motto for the German MTM Conference on 26 October 2017 is therefore “ – organizing digital transformation for people!”

Top-class speakers from unions, associations and scientific institutes will focus on the following topics, among other things:

  • Working World 4.0 – new general conditions and fields of activities for industrial engineering
  • From the freestyle element to the mandatory program: strengthening the digital expertise of employees
  • Speed is critical – how SMEs can also obtain competitive advantages through digital transformation
  • Ingenious qualification concepts for smart production
  • Organizing and learning – human beings in the process of digital transformation

The German MTM Conference also offers many opportunities for sharing specialist ideas and networking beyond the lecture program – and for gaining interesting insights into the current trends in the working world at the accompanying specialist exhibition.  

There are two other important dates to note in connection with the German MTM Conference – the MTM members’ meeting during the afternoon on 25 October 2017 – invitations will be sent to all members in good time. And all the participants are invited to attend a get-together on the evening prior to the conference. Those who are interested can register their intention of participating in the commentary box when registering for the 2017 German MTM Conference.

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