MTM – Work design productive and safe

Holistic evaluation and design of work systems

HEIdigital covers three components:

  1. The first component offers an ergonomic Rapid screening based on EAWS (Ergonomic Assessment Worksheet) for a number of workplaces. This approach helps you to quickly and simply identify workplaces with increased risk. Awkward body postures, manual material handling and high forces are evaluated. As a result, the workplaces are defined as ergonomically "safe" or "critical", which then have to be evaluated in detail.

  2. The workplaces that have to been defined ergonomically "critical", can be evaluated in detail according to EAWS, using the second component, which corresponds to the scope of functions of EAWSdigital.

  3. The third component evaluates psychological stress, taking into account the evaluation method REBA.


In HEIdigital the mental workload is evaluated using the REBA method. This abbreviation stands for Rechnergestütztes Dialogverfahren für die Bewertung und Gestaltung von Arbeitstätigkeiten unter Berücksichtigung von Sicherheit und Gesundheit, which means computer-based method of dialogue for the evaluation and design of task contents.

REBA is based on the Job Evaluation System (TBS; Tätigkeitsbewertungssystem in *Hacker et al., 1995). There are four levels of evaluation:

  • The levels of feasibility and safety evaluate the quality of the working conditions design.
  • The task contents are evaluated with the levels avoidance of impairments, as well as the personalitydevelopment potential.

In order to evaluate the psyche in HEIdigital, only the level personality development / personality oriented work design is taken into consideration. The other levels are considered within the Rapid screening or Detailed analysis or the checklist concerning the psychological and environmental influences.


Using the software makes it possible to predict the risks of unfavorable strain (e.g. stress) by evaluating objectively the manual tasks. Furthermore, it supports the risk assessment of mental workload (cp. Health and Safety at Work Act [in Germany: § 5 ArbSchG - Working Conditions Act, Ziffer 6]).

HEIdigital can be run as a stand-alone program or integrated as add-on into other system environments. The single analyses are saved as *.EAWS3 files in the file system and can then be opened by double-clicking or exchanged between PCs.


Please note: Using HEIdigitalrequires training in the EAWS method as well as exact knowledge of the EAWS body of rules. The MTM-Akademie can provide you the information about the training content and dates. The theoretical EAWS training also teaches you how to handle the software. We also offer customized software trainings, based on man-days.