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MTM software solutions are best utilized when processes and times shall be recorded centrally and in a structured manner and analyzed according to different aspects.

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TiCon4 allows you to manage your calculations in a central database. Reusable elements support you in the planning - in an efficient, consistent and traceable way. The predecessor product TiCon3 is also available on request.

TiCon for SAP, the SAP solution from MTM, enables you to analyze and calculate directly in SAP. This makes the need of an interface between TiCon and SAP or the manual data transfer between the systems obsolete.

EAWSdigital supports you with the assessment of the ergonomic risks of a work task: It uses the acknowledged EAWS assessment process in the background and without the need of a previously generated MTM analysis.

HEIdigital (HEI = Holistic Ergonomic Index) supports you in the holistic assessment of individual workplaces and work systems. In addition to the assessment of physical activities after EAWS the software provides a time-saving EAWS quick-screening and an objective assessment of psychological stress and environmental influences at work.

ProKondigital is used in projects for product design. An assessment matrix helps identify assembly obstacles and their effects in terms of time. ProKon results are utilized to develop and assess design alternatives.