MTM – Work design productive and safe

Product design – simply, fast, interdisciplinary

80% of the product costs are determined already during product design. At the same time most of the change options are still available during this phase: No workplaces have been set up yet, no suppliers commissioned, etc.

  • ProKon stands for “Production-specific engineering”.

The ProKon method describes and assesses the assembly flow of individual parts and assemblies and helps identify assembly obstacles and their time effect. The results are utilized to develop and assess design alternatives or for benchmarking.

  • Typically, staff members from different teams from engineering, planning and production work together in a ProKon project.

ProKondigital supports this collaboration with standardized input screens, a simple flexible installation and the option of storing all generated project data centrally in a file system.

The individual project files are stored as *.prokon files in the file system; from there they can be opened per double-click or exchanged between PCs.

ProKondigital runs both as stand-alone program and add-on integrated in other system environments.


The use of ProKondigital neither requires a TiCon installation or the use of the MTM method.