MTM – Work design productive and safe

Innovative - functional - integratable

TiCon is the standard software for the MTM application, established on the market for many years and proven in corporate implementation running under Windows. TiCon4 facilitates the quick and convenient analysis with the MTM element systems, but you can also easily capture times otherwise ascertained (e.g. estimated times, experienced data) of individual process steps.


Optional TiCon4 additional modules support the user e.g. in the balancing of production lines or when creating, performing and evaluating time studies. The available program interface enables the smooth exchange of relevant data with ERP and PPS systems available in the company.

TiCon4 Product Family

TiCon4 Base

Basic software for the efficient application of MTM building blocks, for MTM-based inter alia. Time calculations and process descriptions.

TiCon4 Takt

Additional module for balancing assembly lines. Drag-and-drop work items are moved between workers and stations, where workloads and assembly line efficiency are permanently up-to-date. TiCon clock also optimally supports mix production.

TiCon4 PD

Additional module for process documentation, analysis and optimization. The process designer TiCon4 PD is the ideal tool for this task. This gives you a full-featured program   for graphical process modeling.

TiCon4 TS

Additional modul for the processing, administration and evaluation of time studies. The time study is done by app, mobile devices are supported with Apple iOS, Android or Windows operating system.

TiCon4 API

Additional module as bidirectional interface to other applications in your company. The TiCon4 API allows the exchange of relevant data between TiCon4 and the existing PPS / ERP systems.